3 octubre 2011.

3 Oct

Well, it’s another change, another companion, another assignment, and another area! I’m glad to report that I’m now reporting you from Teoloyucan, Estado de Mexico and loving it already. Teoloyucan looks alot like my third area, Actopan Hidalgo. (and equally unpronouncable for mom, haha) (teh oh loy you can, maybe that will help)
This change I have been relieved of my leadership duties to be able to train again! I’m so excited; still don’t know if he’s going to be Mexican, Gringo, or something else, but I should be able to tell you next week. Elder Martinez stayed there in Queretaro to welcome Elder Gleave in my place.

Mom and Anne: yes, I met Elder Holmes, Elder Watson’s MTC companion. Everyone made fun of them for being watson and holmes, haha. Everyone reports that Elder Watson is doing great and really working hard; I’m proud of him.

Dave: The tostada last week was made of viril. That’s bull penis.

Alysha: It sounds like you are absolutely loving work, haha. I’m glad you’re having at least a little bit of fun down there. Those new ipod touches look super cool… two members in my past ward had them. Hope you’ll share when I get back, haha.

This week was a little better. We’d been doing lots of divisions with other missionaries and I hardly had been sleeping at home. Our zone wasn’t doing so well so we were trying to help everyone out. It’s been great to be able to help other elders, but now I’m excited to help out just one. Training is one of the coolest things on the mission. Has Jarom trained yet? Chad told me he was on his first kid this past change. Anyone heard anything from Erik?

Hope you all have a wonderful week, and many congratulations to Lanik! It’s hard to believe he’s eight already. I love you all so much, and have been thinking about you a lot this week. Take care.

415 – the lady in the middle was the first ever missionary in Queretaro. She opened the area.
429 – the bishop’s family
432 – the zarate family. the mom forgot to make a funny face but in the normal one her tongue is sticking out, haha.
443 – The vasquez family. I gave the dad one of my ties that sister zarate really wanted (I don’t know why, she wouldn’t have worn it). So now the dad is going to wear the tie next week to church and make her jealous, haha.


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