17 octubre 2011.

17 Oct

Week in fotos:
478 – Coin that I found that isn’t worth anything. I thought I was gonna get like fifty bucks out of it but it looks like that isn’t true. Watch out for the X rated image… should have edited that, haha.

481 – My comp loves seeing the animals everywhere. A lot of people have mini farms here like dad, so he’s seen quite a few animals recently. The other day he told me that he saw a penguin. Turns out it was a duck, but here is the ‘penguin’ so you all can see.

483 – Wednesday morning the zone leaders came to our house and told us they had both dreamed about coming and didn’t know why. So we chatted for a little bit and before they left they decided to tell us that if we saw a two story house with a green door that day that we should knock it. We found the house, but no one was home.

484, 485 – Just a cool little andador we found that day. There’s a lot of places like this in MX.

486 – Right next to the green door house is this apartment complex that a lot of people here call ‘the boat.’ To me it kind of looks like those rusty titanic photos.

488 – We met a lady in our ward Wednesday that makes Tamales. They are delicious. This is a oaxaca style tamale.

489 – I got new visa fotos taken and no one bothered to tell me to fix my hair! So it looks like I’m going bald. Guess I’ll have to get married right away when I get home.

494 – We had some broken speakers in my house and this was an attempt to make them work. There’s a short in the volume knob that I can’t figure out what to do about. Oh well.

495 – We killed this extension cord by trying to hook up a high voltage space heater to it. Our bathroom was full of plastic smoke in the morning.

497 – These dogs tried to kill me.

502 – This is the view from our front door every day. Yeah.

503 – I’ve been walking by this helicopter bush three times a day for two weeks and just noticed it.

504 – My comp tried to take pictures of a donkey cart all week. He didn’t get one good photo. So I took this one of him with the donkey cart passing.

507 – This is Conrad, our only investigator right now. He reminds me a lot of Dad with his Den and his workshop, haha.

Love you guys so much. Hope you’re having a great week. Bye!


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