24 octubre 2011.

25 Oct

Family and friends,

This week went quite well. Can’t complain about anything. Elder Smith and I get along great, and we’ve been trying really hard. The success is taking a little longer than we expected; Conrad didn’t get baptised this week like we thought he would, but that’s good because he needed the extra preparation.

We’ve been having a lot of fun (as evidenced by the photos, haha.) I was so glad to hear about the Pacman as well. The moms must be so fun to be around right now, I imagine them both just beaming all the time. I love you, April and Alene. Hope you are well.

As for the rest of you, thanks so much for all of your support. I’ve felt so loved and really appreciate all of you. Take care and have a great week.

513, 514, 527, 528 – These pictures make me think of Dad. 515 – Elder Larsen headbutted me, but he got the bad end of the stick.
516 – Spiders are always trying to kill me here!!
520 – Elder Smith basking in the sun (and looking like a dork, haha)
524 – This cat tried to curse us! It made the power go off in the house.

525 – I had to teach a piano lesson.
526 – Special hymn edition of the liahona. It only had half a page on the new hymns, haha.
529 – Elder Smith was extremely happy that we found the candy store.
543 – Grocery shopping with 8 dollars.
544 – Us yesterday with the district.


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