31 octubre 2011.

31 Oct

Dear family and friends.

Things are picking up in the new area. We had our first baptism here; Conrad had his service yesterday afternoon. E Smith did really good. The only mistake he made was baptising him in the name of the ghost instead of the holy ghost. He had to dunk him twice!

Our district is so excited for halloween. I don’t know what I’m gonna carve, but I really wanna carve a pumpkin because I didn’t do one last year. Last night we had a little bit of extra time to check out all the stands for the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated here after halloween. It’s a day of respect and rememberance of those who have already passed on.

Congrats to April and Alene again. I’ve been telling everyone about my twin sisters that both had babies within like a week of each other. They all think it’s the coolest thing. I think maybe twins are less common here because I’ve only met one or two pairs in all this time.

Thanks, Mom, for the talk about Hyrum. I printed it off to read later today. And thanks for your letters Alene and April. Congrats to Caiden on how well his team is doing. Did I read that he got a touchdown? Great job. It’s hard for me to imagine how old everyone’s gonna be when I get back. Hanna is like, 7 now. Hard to believe.

I love you all so much and hope you are doing just great. Take care. We’ll talk again soon.

548 – Eating a delicious sandwich and enjoying another random speaker setup. (Hey, we have to do something with our time at night)
553 – Little Puppies from Eduardos house.
559 – We were so rich! almost 7000 pesos there.
560 – Elder Smith painted the heater by melting his crayons on it, haha.
561, 562 – Really tired. haha. Don’t know how I got E Smith to hold the pink pillow for the picture.
565 – Conrad, E Smith’s first baptism.


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