14 noviembre 2011.

14 Nov

Dear family and friends,
Things have been going kind of hard for us for the last couple weeks. We’ve been looking for new people to teach without much success, but God has been mindful of us, and this past week we were blessed to be able to go to the temple. This was my second time going since I’ve gotten to Mexico, and President Call said that we would be going again in six months. I’m crossing my fingers that he means five and a half months!

Also, I had a repeat story this week. If any of you remember hearing about me falling in the black water last february, it unfortunately happened again! I didn’t realize that I was that clumsy. What happened was that we had to jump a canal full of that crappy water and E Smith took off and jumped it. He barely made it and I was pretty freaked out, but after a couple minutes, I was able to bring myself to jump it and I also made it……. then fell in another canal right behind the first one! Elder Smith took a great video and hopefully I will be able to send it.

We’ve had some nice progress lately. Conrad should be getting the Aaronic priesthood next week. Eduardo and his family haven’t made it to church, but they are doing great. The mom and the daughter are really difficult to get a hold of, though. This week we’ve been looking for new people, and it looks like we’re going to have luck with Gabriela, a reference from a member, and with Jose. We haven’t been attacked by dogs this week so I guess that’s progress.

Alysha, thanks for your email. I thought of you this week when I read Mosiah 21:10. Also what you said you wanted more info on is true but there’s no more info to be had.

I love you all and hope you are doing great. Thanks for the photo, Dad, it made me smile. Take care!


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