28 noviembre 2011.

29 Nov

I’m in

, Hidalgo!!!! This week we had emergency changes. Some other elders in the mission had to get moved so Elder Smith and I got split up. He went to my old area in Tepalcapa and I went to Tepeji del Rio.

Happy birthday, mom, before I forget. Hope Sunday is great for you.

Right now we’re teaching an Elvis! He’s so cool. This week his three daughters went to church so he could work and next week they’re going to trade.

Hope you are well, I love you all.

608, 609, 612, 614, 618 – We had to do away with some things so that Elder Smith could pack. (we definitely did it the fun way!
622 – Alma and Arturo’s family.
625 – The sweatshirts we got from E Smith’s mom. I’ve really put it to good use the last couple days.
627 – Spiderdog!
629 – E Garcia and I.


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