5 diciembre 2011.

5 Dec

Dear family and friends,

This week has gone well. Elder Garcia and I really have enjoyed working together. I’ve attached lots of fotos so here’s a couple responses and that’s all:

I’m super proud of Bailey’s cake!! That was a fun story. Congrats to Caiden on all his hard work in football this year. 10-1 is a great record! I can’t wait to see him playing in the big leagues in a few years…

Alysha, I’m glad to hear you are loving all the concerts!! Haha. it’s what i miss most about Christmas is singing all the music. But hopefully you’ve been able to enjoy it.

mom, I think your package already made it but I don’t have it yet. Someone told me they saw it in the offices. Hopefully I can get the President to bring it down because I’m going to see him on Saturday. I still haven’t run into Elder Watson but I’m in his zone now! I should see him Friday or Saturday of this week.

Take care all of you. Love you.

631 – We’ve been teaching this girl, Alejandra. Her boyfriend’s name is Joshua, and was just about to go on a mission when he decided to get married instead. It was his birthday, so we sat down to eat a taco before we moved on to the next appointment.

632 to 642 – Hanging out at a bread maker’s house. He showed us that flour lights on fire pretty well! I had heard that but had never seen it. 641 and 642 are screenshots of the video I took.

648 – This kid is awesome! He kept fighting with my comp.

650 – Sheep stomach. This stuff is delicious, believe it or not.

654 – FROGS!!! Found this in Maria Isabels bathroom.

655, 657 – We went to the baker’s birthday party and they covered us in flour!! I couldn’t believe it!!


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