12 diciembre 2011.

12 Dec

Dear family and friends,
It was a great week. Besides the adventures pictured below, we also had a delicious dinner with the Stake President, got locked out of the chapel a few times because they changed the locks, and ate waaaay too much (we decided they’re trying to fatten us up for Christmas dinner).

Alysha – I hope all your concerts are going wonderfully. Especially Dickens!! I am so jealous.

Mom – Thanks for the email. You will definitely get a christmas carol in spanish…. but recorded on the mic you sent me! Not live! haha. As for the skype stuff… I recommend you use the laptop that Alysha’s using right now. It worked fine for skype when I used it; my only recommendation would be that you hook up an external microphone (and possibly external speakers) because there is a feedback issue. Dad will understand what all of that means if it’s a little confusing. I’ll be able to give you a call anytime in the afternoon so we’ll just plan on after 3:30ish my time which i think is 2:30 your time. Just let me know. It can be as late as 7 or 8 my time which is 6 or 7 there.

Love you all so much and hope you are doing wonderfully.

693 – Yes mom, we got your package. Thank you so much.
694 – Did you plan the christmas trees being mexican flag colors?!?!
699 – This bus is wearing the same decorations as the HAM’s in that picture you sent. Yes, I opened the one with pictures in it.
704 – E Narro, Ocampo, Garcia
709 – E Soto, Ocampo, Garcia, Narro
711 – All these fotos are from a hike we took up the peña at Jilotepec.
713 – I couldn’t keep my eyes open… but we were up pretty high. On the way down I got sick from the pollution, haha.
719 – The view from the very top.
722 – Elder Garcia and I were protected from falling off the top by angels in a pillar of light… ok, I’m kidding.


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