19 diciembre 2011.

19 Dec

Dear family and friends:

This week was fun. Festivities included the Mexican holiday in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe (a slightly modified version of Mary the mother of Jesus) and the beginning of the posadas, which are songs and hot apple cider in rememberance of the birth of the baby Jesus. In the coming week we are expecting some delicious dinners and happily anticipating calling home on Christmas Day.

Everything is going quite well and we’ve been enjoying all the preparations for Christmas. I’m expecially jealous of all the fun Alysha must be having in choir lately… but I’m sure I’ll make it to her concerts when I get home so she shouldn’t worry.

Alene, here’s a story I thought you might find interesting about the new bible videos the church is making. The videos can be found at


and the story is at:


726 – E Ocampo eating the giant pizzas we bought last Monday.

728 – E Narro eats cats. He’s from Peru. We’re trying to decide whether or not to eat cat with him for the new year.

729 – Elvis with his granddaughter.

732 – Part of one sister’s outside nativity set.

733 – The panaderos have been heating up their oven!! (did I already send one of these, haha)

741 – This little girl saw me with myt santa hat at the ward Christmas party and asked ‘Me lo regalas?’ (Will you give it to me?) Hopefully not to mom’s disappointment, I did.

744 – Barbacoa with E Martinez and E Mauleon. Martinez goes home a change before Mauleon and I.

746 – Pictures with SANTA!!!

747 – And the MiniCooper Limosine!!

753 – We went painting as a stake service project.

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