2 enero 2011.

2 Jan

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! – Dad, that was just for you. Do you remember that? haha.

Here’s the pictures for the week. That’s all I’m gonna send for now. Love you guys tons and hope you are well.

806 – Alene, did you eat these Japanese peanuts everywhere? They are the biggest thing ever in Mexico.

807 – Making dough the old fashioned way. This made me think of eating potatoes with the gravy in the middle (i couldn’t think of the word gravy for like 30 seconds)

812 – Martinez fractured his wrist.

816 – I had to report on a leaf because I forgot that piece of paper in the background.

817 – Elder Mauleon eating a baguette.

818, 819 – on the way to the ruins at Tula, Hidalgo.

834 – In front of ‘Pyramid C’ haha

839, 842 – Los Atlantes. These stones would have been covered in a temple like room.

848 – Carvings of a serpent eating a skull. (Christ conquering death)

857 – A lost tourist… Elder Garcia, haha.

858 – RoadRunner. By the way, everyone here calls me Speedy Gonzalez… It’s the closest thing to Speer they’ve ever heard.

872 – It just wouldn’t be the same without a picture of food.

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