9 enero 2012

9 Jan

Dear family and friends….

No one noticed that I accidentally put 2011 on the last email?

Mom was getting tired of boring emails with a bunch of fotos at the end (and I was ABOUT to send it again before I read her email), so she sent me writing prompts, haha.

1 “Describe a meeting with an investigator this week where the spirit was strongly felt.”

We went to take Rosa to church when she told us her husband was still in bed. Her father in law came out of the back of the room and invited us in, but Rosa looked upset. The father in law told us that he had told her not to lie but she did it anyway. That she wasn’t interested in the message anymore and that we’d be better off visiting a little less often, although we were still welcome. We looked at each other and smiled (We’ve heard this before). Rosa answered our questions and soon realized that all she needed to do was pray and she would feel the Spirit and know that the message was true. The spirit entered the room and Rosa stood there, not wanting to change her mind in front of her father in law, but knowing that she needed to complete her commitments before she made further decisions. We said goodbye and we’ll be going by in a couple days.

2 “Bear your testimony about a time this week when you knew your Heavenly father loved you. (tender mercies).”

This week was a week of change. I was with Elder Martinez and Elder Mauleon from Friday morning to this morning. Now I’m just with Elder Martinez– Elder Mauleon went to Valle del Mezquital. I especially felt my Father in Heaven’s love for me when he allowed me to be part of a wedding. Elders M and M had a couple they were marrying when I became a member of their companionship. It had never been my privilege to take part in a wedding, and I had been hoping to have one before finishing the mission, when all of a sudden I became their companion and could be a part.

(To anyone left with the doubt, I’m still in Tepeji, just with different Elders. Elder Garcia went to San Lucas.)

Alene: Of course i will be your interpreter!! Guide, though, I don’t think I could do. We’ll ask some member to do it for us. :)
Alysha: Who wrote that other song you were talking about? You should email me some cool (uplifting) choir song to feed my appetite a little.

876 – ‘She can’t get baptised because she has a cow…. ‘What?!?!’

878 – IT TRIED TO KILL ME!!! We took pictures of it and left the room briefly to find a box to grab it in… AND IT DISAPPEARED!!!

883, 885 – Eating Rosca de Reyes (King’s Crown). It’s a bread that they make for January 6th and it has little baby Jesus’s in it. The people that find the babies have to make the tamales for the national holiday in February.

887 – This guys shirt is from some random bowling league. This happens all the time, and I always laugh and ask them if they know what their shirt says.

889 – The official list of acceptable baby names. ‘Remember parents, my name is forever. Respect my mexican identity, give me only one name (no middle name) that’s easy to pronounce and write. By doing this you will help me avoid future problems with official documents. Because I am, because I feel.’

890 – Barbacoa baby!! Number 7 on the list of things I’m most going to miss when i get back.

891 – Ulises and Maribel signing their wedding certificate.

894 – Garcia, bien feliz que va a bautizar!

899 – and really tired afterwards… haha.

901 – for three days we were companions.

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