30 enero 2012.

30 Jan

Dear family and friends,
I apologize for the lack of photos. Next week there should be one or two.

Something fantastic about this week was the chance to work with President Call. We met up with him on Wednesday and spent the whole day visiting the people that could most use his help. It was fun to feel of his special spirit and hear him trying out his rusty old teaching techniques from back in the day when he served in Merida, Yucatan. He’s a great guy and we enjoyed working with him.

Alejandra, who was confirmed a couple weeks ago, made the decision to move in with her boyfriend. We’d advised her to wait until they married, but it seems young love can’t be tethered, haha. When we went to their house, we sat her down and asked if she’d been keeping her covenants and living worthy of the Holy Ghost. She said no, and went on to explain her situation. Gratefully, she knows what she’s doing and is dedicated to do the right thing.

Something that we’ve had to learn over and over again is that the point, the real clincher of being on a mission is helping other people to repent. Members of the church and nonmembers alike need to repent and become closer to their Savior. This is the mission we serve; to help them achieve that.

Jasmin, the 16 year old who is currently attending with her husband, is super excited to start making these changes in her life. She knows that she made some mistakes, and also some choices that included large responsibilities, but now she’s willing to make covenants with God to follow him and search for a better life. That’s what this is all about.

April, of course we are going to go hiking and camping! I am so excited to get back into the Utah mountains… it sounds like both Alene and April have been enjoying Sundance. I’ve never done it, but am hoping for a chance when I get back. We’ll see how things go with school.

Alysha, of course I’ve heard of a midsummer nights dream. But no, I haven’t read it; I’ve only seen the play. I looked up the song you mentioned.

Love you all, take care.

Elder Speer

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