6 febrero 2012.

6 Feb

Subject: 6 febrero 2012.

Family and friends,
Today is my 650th day in the mission! I’m proud to say that even at this point I have avoided counting down. Who knows how much time is left? All I know is that every day is another opportunity to see a miracle.

Looks like Dad has been having a ton of fun in the basement! I can’t believe it. Everything has come along just great.

Well, changes have come again, and surprisingly, Elder Martinez left. We thought for sure that he was going to finish here (this is his last change), so when they told us he was heading for the state of Mexico again, we just looked at each other like What?? haha. Well, now I’m with Elder Castillo, no photo of him yet, but I’ll send some next week.

This past week we had to go to Tequisquiac again to take in Ulises and Maribel’s wedding papers; that was an all day ordeal, as was a meeting we had in the state on Friday. They just haven’t let us rest… This week we have interviews on Wednesday, but it looks like after that they’re going to leave us alone for another week and a half. Then we’ll have a mission conference with a general authority. (I’ll tell ya who later to add to the suspense.)

Other news? It seems they’re not going to open my old areas in Tepeji II or in Teoloyucan yet. The visa problems started up again so new missionaries aren’t coming in. Sounds familiar. But when they get here, supposedly they’ll re-open the areas. Every time I see the assistants I ask them when my next emergency changes are… Looks like things are more or less stable for now.

Hope all of you are well. Take care!

932 – Delicious. This picture is from a couple weeks ago. I left my camera in a meeting and had to rescue it just barely. So here are the old pics.

933 – Me with E Adkins and E Barnett. When we left the MTC, only 4 of the 12 in our class went to this mission. We’d counted down to 11, then 7, 6, 5, 4… and just recently, Elder Cummings had to go home because of a knee operation. And then there were three.

935 – E Beristain kindly cared for my camera.

943 – E Martinez his last night in the area.

946 – E Cabrera, Ocampo, Martinez, Escarrega, and next to me is E Garcia. E Ocampo, Martinez, and Garcia all had changes. We stayed the night at our house, haha. it was a party!!

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