13 febrero 2012.

13 Feb

Dear fam and friends.

I’m having a great time with Elder Castillo. Everyone in our zone had changes so we are meeting new people and having new challenges.

Something funny that happened this week: We were talking at lunch about how a Hobbit movie is going to come out this year, and the elderly sister who was giving us lunch got really excited and said that she knew what Lord of the Rings was and that it was exciting that the movie was coming out. haha. Had to laugh.

We’ve found a lot of people on the top of hills this week! Elder Castillo asked if we could walk to Paradise (a little neighborhood a ways from here) and I said sure and took him. When we got there, he was so tired, and he said, Isn’t there a combi or something that comes up here? hahaha. Yes, but you wanted to walk.

Alysha, I can’t believe you’re going into your senior year! I remember when I only had two more classes to take– so I took four music classes, drama, and seminary, haha. Those were the days. I’ve been having a lot of fun telling people that I haven’t taken math classes in five years! Although I miss math and will probably take some electives when I get back into college.

Dad, I got your picture, but is it you?? I can’t distinguish the pilot.

Mom, of course we have valentines in mexico! It’s called Día del amor y de la caridad (Love and Charity day). Although, it’s pretty much just a normal US-like Valentine’s day.

949 E Castillo is crazy!! One of the first things he did was break two umbrellas… ok, it’s a longer story than that, haha.

950 In the middle of nowhere. We’ve walked up and down a lot of hills this week.

953, 954 E Marsh and E Nowack playing a game where they have to empty the water out of the jug with umbrella sticks and a spoon tied to their arm. A little strange. Not my idea.

960 Drawings on the windows. It’s been so cold!! We’ve had rain every day this week. Does that mean it’s snowing back home?

961 Sister Call helped me fix my bag!! Now it can last a little longer…

963 CATDOG!! I swear this thing came straight out of The Last Unicorn.

964 This house is for sale. Urge means its urgent (that they sell it fast). I don’t think they’re going to have much luck…

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