27 febrero 2012.

27 Feb

Well, it’s that time of week again when I try and think of a few things to tell the family and friends. It should be pretty easy this week because we had a lot of meetings! So less photos and more sitting around in chairs this week.

Well, President Johnson came to visit. He’s the Area President of Mexico, in other words, he works under the direction of the Apostles and directs all of the church in Mexico. A side note, the church isn’t called LDS in Mexico! It’s called SUDEMAR, which means santos de los últimos días en méxico asociación religiosa (latter day saints in mexico, religious association). Ok, so that had nothing to do with anything. But he came and we had a fun little meeting on Thursday about how to find the people that God is preparing to receive the missionaries.

There are several scriptures about how God prepares His children to receive the Gospel. In Alma we learn that angels are preparing the hearts of the children of men. In Doctrine and Covenants, we learn that God’s chosen ‘hearken to his voice.’ As missionaries, we constantly strive to have the Holy Ghost with us, to speak the words of God, that our voice may be his, that his chosen may hearken.

After the meeting Thursday morning, we went back in the afternoon with investigators and recent converts to the church, then in the evening there was a third meeting with ward councils from all Hidalgo. Saturday we also had a short meeting with President Johnson in the State of Mexico.

Alysha! I love Flander’s Field. It’s a great song. We sang it a few years a go with Weber State… hard to believe that was in… 2006? wow. I’m so excited to go to all of your concerts when I get back! You have to let me go to all of them.

Mom wrote about all the news that came in this week. I’m so excited! Summer 2012 is going to be pretty busy.

01 Missin dad and movin dirt.

02 E Marsh put on a moustache to be an old man in his District meeting. Sometimes missionaries are real clowns!

04 E Coronado wearing the sunglasses sent at christmastime. They saved him! He’s allergic to the sun. No, really!

05 the weirdest key ever. Why am I sending this picture??

06 With Fili’s mom and Bishop Yufen Garcia. Some old friends from Actopan. I saw them at the conference with Elder Johnson.

07 I had a happy birthday, complete with valentines day cookies. The book has been great so far. I’m ripping the cd right now to listen to it this week. some of my favorite pieces.

08 and comics!! Made my day.

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