5 marzo 2012.

5 Mar

Subject: 5 marzo 2012.

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, Alysha’s turning 17 this week and it’s pretty hard to believe. I’m not going to sing happy birthday because I’m not crazy and know that she won’t be able to hear it. (Yes, mom, this means you are crazy.) Plus, my companion would look at me weird. By the way, Alysha, have you read Inheritance, the last of the Eragon books? Do we have all of them in the house? I might have to buy it in the airport, haha.

Things have been normal. Ok, not THAT normal. This week we married Julian and Viridiana in Tequisquiac. It’s a couple hours away from Tepeji del Rio and definitely a day’s trip to go, get married, and come back. In other news, Alejandra, who got baptized two months ago, got married on Saturday to Josúe Daniel, a guy we were visiting a while back to try and convince him to go on a mission. Guess it just wasn’t written in the stars, haha.

Also, Maria Isabel finally went to church! She’s been trying to go since the missionaries started visiting her four months ago, but her boyfriend was holding her back. Sadly (or maybe for good), they broke up a couple weeks ago and she was able to make it yesterday. We’ll see how things go with her.

This morning we got together as a zone to play soccer. It’s pretty intense playing with Mexicans because they all play since before they even know what a ball is!

Well, hope everyone’s having fun and we’ll talk again soon.

22 Best thing since sliced bread: Sliced bread with a hot dog and Valentina on it.

26 Playing dominoes with Yareisy.

34 Shepherding in our spare time.

37 I really think that if I can flyswat with party favors then chopsticks shouldn’t be that hard.

40 Just a cool house.

46 The wedding of Viridiana and Julian.

48 My companion is a clown! He even knows how to make balloon animals.

53 Our cereal came with lightsaber spoons!!!!

55 ‘The church of the all powerful Jesus Christ’ Now I know why they always think our church is on this corner.

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