12 marzo 2012.

12 Mar

Hope you all are well. Things are moving along here at a pretty normal pace. This week is a week in photos:

56 – We went to Alejandra and Dani’s wedding and for the first time, I got to try chicken foot! This is about as weird as it gets, folks… unless I end up eating grasshoppers, but it doesn’t seem that probable. After eating this steaming hot soup, most of my tongue went numb and I didn’t taste much for a day or two. Now it seems to be alright.

60 – Angel, Dani’s brother in law, is cutting up the pork tacos. I don’t know if they were good or not (see above). PS – My companion says they were delicious. I should have put an ice cube in my soup like he did that day.

61 – We were in Noxtongo when we couldn’t figure out how to get to an appointment. Well, this little sign helped us out quite a bit. Interesting side note: the graffiti says gallos blancos (white roosters) and is a reference to Queretaro’s soccer team. Not sure what this is doing in Hidalgo because everyone here likes Cruz Azul.

62 – This picture is simply of a wall that reminded me of my sis.

66 – Carmen, an 80 year old woman with more great grandkids than I could count, takes care of her two fifty year old unmarried boys and also has at least 15 ducks, a donkey, 3 roosters, probably 8 birds, 5 or 6 dogs and 3 cats. LOW ESTIMATES. Oh, and I forgot 4 mama sheep and who knows how many babies.

67 – Just a cool painting on the hood of a truck.

68 – I remembered that you’re not supposed to take photos in church when the flash went off for this one. Elder Johnson is teaching Gospel Principles. He said, ‘We’re going to imagine that two Mexican parents have one son in Europe and one son in Africa (pause)… It could happen.’ He was teaching the importance of prayer.

69 – Julian and Viridiana with their whole family at their baptism.

74, 75 – This family finally told us that their water comes out of a ‘well.’ I insisted they show us the well, and… well I’ve never gotten sick drinking that water before so I guess there’s no reason to be grossed out about it.

80 – We went to a church that had been converted from an older Catholic church. They replaced the stained glass with some pioneers. This church is located in San Marcos, near Tula.

84 – I may or may not have drunk coffee this week. Ok, so not real coffee. We’re helping Isabel get off her coffee addiction by teaching her how to make a substitute with burnt wheat, burnt sugar, and whole milk. My comp grabbed the news and said ‘I always wanted to do this.’

88 – IS THAT RACHAEL COMBE???? or whatever her last name is… she’s probably married by now.

89, 91 – This was a bad practical joke we pulled. Elder Cabrera has been waiting for his first package for a while, so we wrapped up a ‘New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures’ (the bible the Jehova’s Witnesses use) that a sister gave us and gave it to him. He didn’t notice that there was no return address…. he was too excited to open it up.

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