19 marzo 2012.

19 Mar

I almost put 2010 in the subject line… it feels like yesterday.
Dear whoever still reads these after almost two years,

Saturday was St Patties day and I had no idea! I’m glad I forgot or I would have been craving scones all night. I’m pretty sure I put on a tie with green in it. And even if I didn’t, you can’t pinch me because its already come and gone.

My friend, Elder Johnson, finally got his dear john. We’re all so sad! We want him to read it in district meeting but he won’t. This is the first dear john I’ve actually seen in the mission. Elder Ficachi, one of my first zone leaders, got an ultrasound for a dear john! That’s the saddest thing ever. Something else cool about Elder Johnson is that a family from his area went to Utah last week and while they were there, his parents met them and they took a photo. It reminded me of when Dad took a picture with President Nancollas– really weird seeing a piece of Mexico back in the states with faces we know.

Rosa, her daughter, and her daughter in law (nuera) went to church the other day. It was great; we’ve been visiting them off and on for several months because they haven’t been able to go. They all were making fun of their dad because he always says that he knows the church is true, but the other day he started bearing his testimony about other churches as well. We tried to explain what Isaiah meant when he talked about coming close to God with our lips, but being far from him in our hearts.

Also, Benjamin went to church again! He asked the Stake President why he told people to do their hometeaching visits if they already know they’re supposed to do it. President Bañuelos kindly answered him, haha.

Karla and Steve, thanks for the note. Can’t wait to see you! Alysha, it sounds like you’re having lots of fun. Can’t believe you’re 17. You still can’t have boyfriends, sorry.

Take care and I’ll see yall next week!

93 Quesadilla de BRAINS.

94 Liahona Nov 2010. Is that Megan?? Nope, just a mysterious body double.

95 There’s a tv and a tire floating in this river. Disgusting.

97 What kind of cactus is that? A couple days after taking this picture, we saw another one. What are these things??

98 The circus is here! I might go. haha.

99 11 shoes. (don’t you love these captions?)

101 A donkey eating a nopal. We saw this on our way from Paradise to Four Tables. Really.

112 Nothing, I just like bridges is all.

117 Happy dog.

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