2 abril 2012.

2 Apr

Dear family and friends,

I almost have a heart attack every week as I put the date in the subject line. It’s already April!! Conference was this weekend; I hope all were able to enjoy the wonderful spirit and learn from the messages of modern prophets. I was able to see all 5 sessions, although we had frequent distractions and we’ll probably learn a lot more when the magazine comes.

Our dear friend Richard, the Canadian, wasn’t at church this week. We haven’t heard anything from him, but I think he goes back to Canada this coming week… hopefully he finds the church there.

This week we had to empty out the house that Elder Garcia and I used to live in. Tepeji II is officially a closed area, and in our current house we now have four beds, four desks, four chairs, etc. It was really nice this weekend because Elder Johnson and Elder Cabrera had to stay three nights in our house. So we slept comfortably, no one on the floor!

We spent three days this week in divisions. I worked with Elder Moreno, my old comp from about a year ago, Elder Rodriguez, a new elder with about two months in the mission, and Elder Irigoyen from Uruguay, who arrived here in Mexico about the same time I did. Needless to say we’ve been traveling a lot and keeping busy.

Hope all of you are fabulous. We’ll talk to you again soon.

67 a bunch of cats, haha.

72 Elder Rodriguez in front of the Christian church with the longest name I’ve ever seen. Spiritual Temple of the Light of the three Powers of the Divine Providence.

75 With Christian, a Veracruzana. She’s the niece of the lady that rents us our house and was having a huge party on friday night. We didn’t go, I promise. But we did take pictures before going up the stairs to sadly listen to the party music all night and try to sleep.

76 Elder Johnson with about $350 USD in mexican 50 peso bills. It’s the combination of his rent in Jilotepec and ours in Tepeji for the next month. Cheap, right?

78 Elder Moreno is the bomb.

79 This ice cream cake is the bomb.

80 Reporting while walking down the street is the bomb.

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