9 abril 2012.

10 Apr

Dear family and friends,
They don’t want to give me one bit of rest these last few weeks of the mission! Last week we had a conference in Cuautitlan Izcalli and this week we have one in Cerritos. We also went to Atizapan de Zaragoza last week to visit some old friends. Apart from that, it looks like we’ll be going to the temple this week or next. Then they ask us to still do the amount of normal work?!? Things are busy as can be.

Richard the Canadian contacted us. He’s going back to Canada tomorrow. I think his kids live up there and his wife lives down here; I’ll admit, I’m a little confused about that.

Benjamin went to Sinaloa to coach and has also left us here waiting his return.

We met a kid who lived 7 years in North Carolina. He was supposed to go to church yesterday, but he probably went back, too. haha. Seems like everyone’s leaving the country for holy week.

I guess yesterday was Easter. They do celebrate it here, but in a very different way. They actually remember Christ! Although most of the emphasis is on the crucifixion and not on the resurrection.

Tomorrow is David’s birthday! Happy birthday, brother. Hope it’s a great day for you. Don’t go fishing… you can do that any other day of the year!!

Well, I guess we’ll talk next week. Take care and I’ll try and send some photos next Monday.

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